Progress Report On The Blogging Project

Thus far, I have visit all the links to students of the PKP TESL and the main stream SCIENCE-TESL Programme.  I have drop some comments in your blogs for improvement suggestions but the first round may not be much, wait for my second round visit.  For those who doesn’t allow comments to appear before their approval (sophia, ayien, michelle, roghini, wendy, cindy) please change the setup.  Refer my previous postings or the lecture power point slide.

For those whom I have missed may not be here in the students’ blog listing  I may have overlooked your URLs which you may have sent either via this blog or sms and i may have misplaced the 4 URLs given to me on a paper; i will look for it tomorrow.  I would be grateful though, if you would send your URL again via the comment section of this post.

Until then.  Keep up the good work.  Hope you learn to enjoy doing the project.  Don’t take it too seriously and you will be able to write with your heart guided with your creative and critical thinking brains!

a short mind break
Al Mu’allim  (The Teacher) – Sami Yusuf

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7 Responses to Progress Report On The Blogging Project

  1. Cikgu says:

    Those who have managed to write pages and postings congratulation. I think Abraham is having problem registring his blog. Can anyone please help him in person. I would appreciate it so very much!

  2. mysura85 says:

    My wordpress weblog

    Nor Rulmaisura Mohamad (A112665)

    Blogging for Critical Thinking (UKM)

  3. Rosseni says:

    good work maisurah! saya dah lawat serta baca dan sukakannya cuma tak ada idea lagi nak komen. Keep up the good work!

  4. salam…
    i have done my weblog…but it’s still in process…i’ll try to make it more interesting…please give any suggestion…thank you(^_^)

    Nur Mastura Abdul Aziz (A113934)

  5. Cikgu says:

    Saya dah komen dalam blog Mas tapi need moderation. Approvekan komen saya tu ye!

  6. thank u..cikgu,
    i decorated my bLOG…i tried to follow your suggestion
    hopefully, you’ll satisfied with my work..(^_^)!!

  7. ain85 says:

    My wordpress blog.

    Nurul Ain Binti Mohamad (A115754)

    Blogging for Critical Thinking (TESL – UKM)

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