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Dear All, 

I will only concentrate on the calender and recent comments widgets here to answer questions from some sms and inquiry from the comments i received in my recent postings regarding how to add calender and show recent comments from others in panels as in my blog (in the left panel). 

The WordPress Administration Panels (I usually refer it as My Dashboard) are the control features of your WordPress blog. Common to all of the panels is a heading which shows the name of your blog, a link to your blog’s main page, a link to Sign Out, and a link to your profile (My Profile}.

Click here to see a tabular list of all WordPress’ Administration Panels and their respective SubPanels. The links will take you to sections within this article that describe the various Panels and SubPanels. From those sections, you can navigate to pages detailing more in depth information about each SubPanel.

From the Presentation Administration Panel you can control how the content of your weblog is displayed.   I will only show one of the option regarding how to add calender and make comments for your postings to appear in chronological order according to time and date of the comments. 

From your dashboard, select Presentation then the Widgets SubPanel.   You can add, delete, and configure, Widgets for your sidebar (or sidebars). The Widgets SubPanel details the information on managing your Widgets.

The Widgets SubPanel allows you to manage and configure widgets. Widget are drag-and-drop elements (if you like–gadgets or gizmos) that allow you to add various pieces of information to your theme’s sidebar content. Widgets, for example, can be used to add Calender, Categories, Archives, Blogroll, Recent Posts, and Recent Comments to your sidebar.

Choose any of these widgets at the bottom and drag them in appropriate order at a panel representing the design of your theme.  Below is example for those who use similar theme with three panels like mine.  If you remember my blog have a left and right panel as shown in the picture here.  Note that I have chosen the calender widget from the list of available widgets and drag it into my right panel (the red box on the right panel). 


Also note that I have drag the   recent comments widget to my left panel (the red box on the left panel).  You can even set how many (maximum 15) comments you want to appear in the panel.  Click the small icon (highlighted in red box) on the left of the recent comments box.


The recent comments dialog box will appear as below.  You can change the name of the bos as i did to Komen Terkini and set so that the maximum of 15 comments can appear at one time.  You can also set the avatars size (picture identification) of the person who made the comments.  If they do not upload a picture in their own avatar at their blog then a plain grey box will appear. 


That’s all for today folks.  Hope this postings helps.

Refence: Manual WordPress

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