Power Point Slides For Lecture 25.2.08 PKP


The lecture slides i posted earlier was without the last table with possible points for the assignment.  Please reload this one if u want to refer to that table.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  Happy reading.

Your Teacher,


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42 Responses to Power Point Slides For Lecture 25.2.08 PKP

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  28. gaoyuan8737 says:

    Oh my god! Lecturer! the power point slides is not the one that you showed us in lecture today!
    where is that table? the table is about the possible point we can get!
    hope you can solve this problem ASAP!
    thanks a lot!
    Eric/Gaoyuan G73566

  29. Cikgu says:

    ok2. I am overwhelmed! Never in one day have i ever received 31 comments in one go.

    I will answer one by one. First Eric; TQ for being such a good and critical student. Yes the last slide was not in the lecture slide but it is the same one except for that last table. I will reload the new one ok. Thanks.

    As for Gong Ze He. I will go to your blog and make a comment there. I will come back later to respond to the rest of the comments. Thanks again!

    Your Teacher,

    p/s and i more thing. You can call me Rosseni, Puan, Cikgu, Teacher, Mrs, Ms… BUT don’t call me Dr. ok.

  30. Cikgu says:

    ok, i have viewed Gong Ze He’s blog and it has Erin’s blog as a link. I think Erin should be able to help you develop it further. And as for Erin, nice blog. I made three comments but all need you to moderate/approve. I mentioned it in class as how to do it, so go ahead and make the changes so you can read my comments, ok.


  31. Cikgu says:

    i manage to leave a comment in chelsea’s blog but not in ai jia’s (need moderation 😦 ). The same goes when i left some comments in Erin’s or Gong Ze He’s blog. Also in Liu Jing’s, Mallow’s and Sean’s blog. Rememtber to make the changes as i mentioned in class this afternoon ok?


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  37. Cikgu says:


    don’t worry about it , i will visit soon. keep up the good work 🙂 !

    See Huat Heng:

    You’re very much welcome dear. It was my pleasure. Give me some time and i will sure to drop by your blog very soon. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Liu Jing:

    Good for you. After my visits to the new blogs, i will come back to you. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Wang Chen:

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  38. rashidahcantik says:

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  39. Cikgu says:

    Yes I know, Rashidah. Although some of you have a blog before but many does not have. That’s why i am providing help in this blog. You can refer to my eKuliah notes under widget.

    To cut it short, go to your dashboard and select presentation then widget. At the bottom there will be a list of widget available. Choose calender and drag it up and leave it where you want it to appear.

    If you are new what i just said may still be blur to you. Refer my posting dated 5th March with the title Presentation. Or go to the wordpress tutorial link on the left of this blog under perkomputeran kategori. It should be able to help you in greater details with visuals such as screen shots to demonstrate better.

    As for Wendi if you read this comment, please setup so comments don’t need to be approve to appear. Refer my notes before on how to do this. I have made 3 comments in your blog but it says need moderation.

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