TESL-CHINA Program – Analysis of the Present

Dear All,

As of now i have only received 5 URL for the blogging assignment.  I have linked them in my blog under the category PELAJAR & PELATIH KOMPUTER. Based on my analysis of the blogs, I will try to summarize some of the problems here and maybe make some suggestions to further develop them.  The rest of you should thank the five of them for sending their URL so everybody else may benefit from it! Or better still, get them a cup of coffee each! (ha ha and dont forget the teacher 😉 ).

1.  Comments cannot get in

– check your dashboard, go to option make sure users don’t need to register to comment

– then go to discussions, make sure comments don’t have to be moderated to be approve for display.

2. Write a PAGE about your self, goals, visions or the like. Well, maybe write a poem or something more interesting…You are an English Teacher (to be or not to be…) after all.  Writing a page is like writing a regular post.  The difference is your page will remain there permanently while your posting will be archive accordingly.

3. Do experiment.  Try and error.  Patient.  You will get there.  Believe me.  If an old teacher like me can, sure a Generation Y student like you CAN! InsyaAllah, He will guide those who seeks help.

 All The Best!

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9 Responses to TESL-CHINA Program – Analysis of the Present

  1. chelsea88 says:

    Hi, Rosseni, here is chelsea, I’m very happy to create a blog in wordpress successfully. Thanks for teaching us…And wish that we will enjoy the time on the Internet.

  2. liujing1234567 says:

    Hi, Dr Rosseni! Im one of the TESI CHINA Program students. My name is Liu Jing.I really appreciate you give us the lectures about how to create a blog. it is great fun. I hvae already link to your blog, hope you can link to mine soon.

  3. gaoyuan8737 says:

    Good evening,lecturer,I’ve been create my Blog for a long time.
    but you know,the blog is not a direct way for communication.And i sew you have a yahoo Massager, right? I also have a MSN ID,and now the yahoo massager can add a MSN ID in the friend list.my MSN id is “gaoyuan8737@hotmail.com” I wish you could add me as your friend~ thank you~! and good night!

  4. Cikgu says:

    ok Gao Yuan, i will add you or you can add me first then i will just accept, my YM is Rosseni. I try to add into my Yahoo. I have MSN but almost never use it because too many crazy people try to log in there. I much prefer YM.

    And Liu Jing, don’t call me Dr. Rosseni, Puan, Cikgu, Teacher, Lecturer, Instructor, Mrs, Ms any one of the choice would be fine with me. I am very glad that you think it is great fun. Hope we will have more fun learning the subject…

    And Chelsea, nice name, you like Chelsea the Football Club? Thank you too for giving the much needed attention during my lecture. I really need that because I don’t have very loud voice and I hate to raise my voice because the pitch will hurt my ears and yours! Yes, I hope we will have good time on the net learning about life and education.


  5. hhgg814 says:

    haha my dear teacher, you leave my name is some mistake. My name is Gong Zi He la. @_@

  6. elena114 says:

    Hello,Dr rosseni,I am also one of TESL CHINA Programme students. My name is Huang Xiaoqing, you can call me Elena, I have created my own blog already,and I wish that you can go and see, Thanks for teaching us…

  7. Cikgu says:

    You’re very much welcome Elena, it was my pleasure indeed! Give me sometime and i will drop by your blog latest by tomorrow ok. Keep up the good work!

  8. Cikgu says:

    hu hu, what did i call u dear? please accept my apology. next time i shall get it right, tell me your name and URL. 🙂

  9. elena114 says:

    Good evening, teacher! Thanks for coming to my blog so fast,haha…..Here, I have a problem about how and where to post pictures in the blog? I hope that you can teach us in tomorrow class!Thank you very much…

    By the way, my blog have been updated,go and see if you have time,Thanks!

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