Write Page

Pages is similar to a post except that it stays there permanently.  Creating pages is almost similar to writing a post. Login or go to your dashboard.  Click the Write button then the Write  page button and you are ready to write. 

For more details with visual explanation go back to WordPress Tutorial.

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6 Responses to Write Page

  1. liujing1234567 says:

    Thank you Dr Rosseni! This is what I want to know when I manage my blog.

  2. acasia says:

    Dr Rosseni, I want to ask. The ‘home’, ‘doa’, ‘awal kalam’ etc in your blog, are they the pages?

  3. Cikgu says:

    Yes, they are. All the links on top with green color. As I mentioned in class, different theme have different location for the pages. Unlike postings which are dinamic, the pages stays there all the time until you delete it.


  4. acasia says:

    thank you,puan. =)

  5. Cikgu says:

    You’re welcome Acasia, it’s my pleasure. But I am a teacher not a Dr. I can’t prescribe you any medication! Just call me Rosseni, Puan, Cikgu, Mrs, Miss or Madam whichever u like.

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