Blogging – Infusing Reflection into Teaching and Learning

My Pre-lecture thoughts for UKM-China TESL Programme:

I was ask by Associate Professor Dr. Kamisah to cover a topic on Technology for Critical Thinking on the 7th week of this semester.  However, something has came up and she had asked me to cover this topic today.  The notice was given Friday.  Although I have all the materials in my notebook, I still had to struggle like crazy since Friday night and only early this morning manage to compile the 79 pg handout which includes the course learning matrix, assignment sheet, power point notes and materials for reading assignment.   Basically my task is to share information with you about the use of technology to infuse critical thinking…and what better way to accomplish that, other than blogging!

As such, you will first need to know some basics about your students learning style and intelligences dominacy.  For that, you need to know how to identify and measure your own first then later you should be able to administer the checklists for your students.  Then I shall share with you some of the 7 virtues of blogging and some rules on nettiquette.  By then we should be ready to venture into the world of blogging.

I dont think I have time to run and photocopy the 79 pgs lecture notes today (but hopefully there will be ample time to print at least 6 pages of handout for the workshop session and photocopy them on my way to class).  As such I am attaching the notes here (lecture-notes-week-3-7-teaching-learning-with-technology-for-critical-thinking-_ukm-china-21108.pdf).  You may print it from here or just browse for reading assignment and mini-project purposes which you need to prepare before we meet again during the 7th week.

Well then, enjoy reading and I shall entertain any questions throughout the course starting later after the lecture.  This is my first time teaching international students as a group by itself, I hope the experience would be fruitful for both parties.  Thank You!

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3 Responses to Blogging – Infusing Reflection into Teaching and Learning

  1. g73596zhangli says:

    hello, I am one of the UKM-China TESL Programme, i just wrote a new post in my blog, would you like to go to my blog?

  2. g73596zhangli says:

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  3. Cikgu says:

    Good work Zhang Li! I went through your blog earlier this evening, it was then on Banana Smoothie theme (which looks more like you! sweet and simple). I went again just now and see that you have change the theme to Ocean Mist which is fine but looks a bit more serious.

    Whichever you decide to stay with, i still think you’ve done a good job. I know you have been in front of the computer all day today just by looking at the time stamped on your post and the changes you’ve made. Keep up the good work.

    If you like, you can change your blog name to just Zhang Li without the G73596 student number. This can be done by going to your dashboard, click option and edit the blog name.

    To complete the assignment, you will need to fill in the ABOUT page by writing a little something about you or/and anything related to you. View my Belajar & Mengajar Page – that is my ABOUT page which I have changed the title to Belajar & Mengajar. With wordpress, you can write just about anything in any format for your ABOUT or biodata page, unlike some other blog platforms.

    After doing this you can finish up posting your reflections on just about anything educational. You still have about 7 weeks to do that. In the mean time, maybe you would like to do some cosmetic work on the readily nice blog. I see that you have made two different categories for your postings. You may want to link some favourite sites in your blogroll. Or maybe add some widget for chatting or viewing favourite videos. If time permits, you can explore this feature (widget). Or just go to your dashboard, click presentation, select the appropriate widget and do some trial and error experiments if you are the adventurers type.

    Before I pen off, could you do me a favor? Could you please contact your friend Ma Bo Da for me. I have written 2 or 3 comments but it doesn’t show either because she has set her blog so that discussions and comments must be approve first or she had set that only registered user may put in comments. Ask her to change these setting by going to the dashboard and click option then make the necessary changes.

    Good Luck and congratulations! I know you have been working hard!


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